Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the toughest marketing strategies as it not only requires a lot of tactical thinking and planning but also patience. However, it can be very effective if done smartly. As it transpires, email marketing can be very efficiently used to minimize cart abandonment! Let us take a look at how this can be achieved.


Assuming that the user was logged in while adding items to the cart, you can retrieve their email id and send an email asking them to finish their purchase. This email can contain the list of items in the cart and the reason the user should make an immediate purchase.

You could include stuff like the limited supply, discount, etc. In case the person left the cart with an intention to come back, he/she will be reminded and make the purchase. Recent studies show that 45% of cart abandonment emails are opened and have a 10% conversion rate as well.


The click-through rate for these cart abandonment emails is 21%. This percentage can be bumped up if you provide incentives to the user. Many successful e-commerce websites that use email marketing often provide additional discounts that last for the next few minutes or hours only. This is a great way to provoke the user into purchasing something he has been eyeing.

You could even offer them cheaper alternatives to their products or instill curiosity with items bought along with the given product. Discounts on shipping or faster shipping options are another great way to let them know you care.


Now cart abandonment emails are a great opportunity to interact with your users and gain their feedback. You could plan messaging schemes to ask them about their preferences, add a call to action links to study their engagement rates and what clicks better with individual customers to build stronger communication. A/B testing is a great way to know your user’s interests so you can plan better marketing strategies.


Market basket analysis is a promising way to not only catch your customer’s attention but also gain from it. Basket analysis is essentially when one product complements the other and both are often bought together. The benchmark example of this is bread and butter. So in case, your customer has clothing in the cart, you could email them their cart product images paired with what will along with them and create a fashion closet.

Coming to images, another commonly used email marketing trick is to use real-life images that will inspire the customer to buy the product when he sees how beneficial and useful it could be in their daily lives.


Email marketing has been emerging successfully lately and the diamond in the rough is being utilized by many companies to reach customers. Cart abandonment is quite common among users and it might seem like a setback but in retrospect, it acts as a great opportunity to profit from.

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