Hiring a Security Company is a necessity for some institutions or private companies. And it is also an important responsibility.

The security services depends on many goods to keep safe or property and sometimes even physical integrity of many people. Therefore, this type of services are supervised by the General Directorate of Police (DGP), which not only controls the training of security guards, but is informed before each discharge or service as appropriate.

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The current economic crisis has led many companies to reduce costs and cut costs. Therefore, it is especially interesting to find a cheap security company. It is a really attractive option for many clients. But before making a decision, some important things have to be taken into account.

  • Experience:The chosen security company must have demonstrable experience and seriousness. Only in this way can you guarantee a service without surprises and not find that the security company “disappears” leaving us in the lurch.
  • Solvency:The solvency of our security company is fundamental. Do not forget that the client is co-responsible for the defaults of the Social Security fees. In addition, few people know that in case the security company can not face a penalty, the customer could face fines of up to € 600,000.
  • Template:It is important that our security company has a properly trained staff of security guards and wide enough to ensure an efficient rotation of personnel in the face of unforeseen events (such as holidays, accidents or illness).
  • Efficacy:A security company is not hired just to exercise a deterrent function or because the law so dictates. Security guards are personnel trained specifically to protect property and persons and are obliged to act before a criminal act while on duty. For their own safety and that of others, they know exactly how to act and have the means to do so. Therefore, it is very important that qualified personnel and their corresponding TIP are responsible for the safety of all.

If you decide to change your security company or hire a new one, it is normal to look for a good price to save costs, but before making a decision it is advisable to assess all these factors and ask for more than one surveillance budget.

Finding a security company that offers all these guarantees and services at a competitive and fair price is not impossible. It is a reality, since our company meets all these requirements and has clients who have trusted it for more than 20 years.

Before making an erroneous decision that can eventually be expensive, take your time and look for both the right price and guarantees that you will get the service you need for your company. No surprises