Llama Nails

Nail extensions are in demand these days as social media influencers have strongly compelled the commoners that everyone wants exotic nails. The nail extensions have also been associated with the ancient culture of the Chinese, which symbolizes the sign of beauty. To feel more beautiful,¬†LIama nails¬†offers you the best quality nails for your extensions. Many people don’t have rapid growth of nails, or they don’t like their nail shape that much. LIama nails are here to take away all your nail tensions and, in return, promises a beautiful collection of nail extensions for every type.


LIama nails have a wide variety of up to date nails that you will see being used by several celebrities and popular actresses. It includes:

  • Tip Nail Extensions

These nails are similar to regular nails with a flat surface. However, these are quite large than the usual nails.

  • Form Nail Extensions

Form nails are designed as talon structure, which gives them a sharp edge look. These are not the regular flat nails and are also extended from the original nail length.

  • Acrylic nails

The acrylic extensions are made from acrylic glass. These nail extensions last long for 21 days; if taken special care than these can long more than this.

  • Gel nails

Gel nails are used to make artificial nails, and a fascinating fact is that they can also be used as nail polish. They require hardening through ultraviolet light. These are preferred because they last longer than any other nails and have a high glossy look.


LIama nails have been known for offering the best and healthy-looking nails sets with multiple colors, size, and shape. Their false nails can make your nails look ravishing, just like any other social media influencer.

They offer great deals on set, and they have recently launched their double set of nails, which comes with 24 nails. They make sure of providing you the desired nails that you ever dreamt of having but couldn’t have. The best thing about LIama nails is that you don’t have to rush to a salon for nail treatments. These can be applied easily with a glued set that also comes along the nails. Llama nails last longer than other treatment nails and are quite pocket friendly.

They offer you guaranteed products as they double-check the products. They make sure that the customer gets their right ordered set of nails. Another best thing about LIama nails is that they try to portray the nails’ exact color to the audience. Due to many factors that can easily subside the real color of the nails.


LIama nails are the right stop for fashion enthusiast who wants to buy false nails and love to groom themselves. They offer great sets of nails with some fantastic deals. All you have to do is to visit their website and find your perfect nail set. Feeling beautiful and fabulous never goes out of style.