Baby’s Breath flower

Baby breath flower or Gypsophila can be used for a number of floral designs from floral centerpieces to pews, dramatic chandeliers, escort displays, buds, ethereal arches, etc. Gypsophilas are the flowers widely used to decorate children’s hair on events such as weddings.

Baby breath flowers are small, with a variety of diameters between 3 and 10 mm, and there are more than 1000 blooms on each branched stalk. It is the flower that is important in the floral industry and is widely used as filler in fresh and wooden floral arrangements to produce a softening effect. Once the bits of one baby’s breath stem are wrapped together, you can experience that a little bit is moving a long way. A single stem of Baby’s breath could be enough for the centerpiece of the Mason jar. For a more bulky and congested arrangement, just 2 stems are more than enough. Baby’s Breath flower is a common filler used in a variety of real and sola wood flower mixed bouquets.

Baby’s Breath – an always staying in trend:

According to few floral experts, the baby’s breath (gypsophila) is going to get old soon, but it is a prediction that is never going to be true ever! This budget-friendly filler for bouquets and floral arrangements is a wedding rock star and one of the all-time favorites of the florists.

5 best ways to use baby’s breath as perfect floral decorative:

Here are some of the fun ways by to use the baby’s breath in a variety of wedding floral arrangements. You can pick your favorite one.

•                    Decorate your wedding cake:

Sometimes it is hard to understand that why one would decorate their wedding cake with something they can’t eat, but when you see a cake decorated with flowers it is so easy to justify it. Baby breaths are the perfect kind of flowers that can be used for all kinds of wedding cakes. These bunches of baby breath enhance the one-tier cakes and extravagant concoctions too. Large rings and little springs of baby breath add a touch of delicacy and elegance to a delicious wedding dessert.

•                    Fill the environment with color pops:

One of the few prominent features of a baby’s breath is its ability to hold any color. Gone are the days where this flower has to be used in its natural white, now you can find baby’s breath available in all-natural and artificial colors. It is easy to dye a baby’s breath bouquet to match a wedding theme and the final results will be some whimsical wonders of these teeny-tiny blooms.

•                    Bridal hair accessories

Can you see how the smallest bits of your baby’s breath can add the rustic or sophisticated touch you need? These little sprigs, in a braid or an up-do, are simpler and more discreet alternatives to a crown of flowers. Although we love baby breath sprigs put all over the braid, the flower will fit in any type of hairstyle. Drop the veil from the reception for an ethereal treat, or ditch the veil entirely in favor of this look all day long.

•                    Keep your flower girls happy:

Add some surprising fun factors for the smallest visitors and ditch the traditional flower girl’s petal basket—opt for baby breath pomanders. They’re going to be loved by everyone and bring a factor of something special and the pictures will surely be cute.

These pomanders can also be a fun way to add some shape to any décor and baby’s breath pomanders are a perfect blend of shape and texture. They are perfect for hanging as floral hanging arrangements, or putting them on candlestick holders is also a special way of adding a magical effect.

•                    Romanticize your wedding bar setup:

Have you seen a combination of baby’s breath and pampas grass?

Don’t they look like a match made in the heavens?

You can use this natural pair to shroud your mobile wedding bar with a blush baby’s breath. It is a simple and very nice way to customize your cocktail hours. No doubt it is an easy, beautiful, and cost-effective way to do this so.