magnetic eyelashes

Are you also a member of a dreamy lash wonderland of fake eyelashes and love to wear falsies to get a look of long and feathery lashes?

But lash glue and a dreadful peeling make it tough enough for you to wear falsies on a regular basis!

So, it’s time to say goodbye to this whole mess. Magnetic lashes allow you to easily wear on falsies and help you overcome mistakes involved with false lashes. Maybe in your opinion, magnetic lashes are something that you never can get used to it easily, so why add to the difficulty?


The reality is that it all comes down to personal desire!


You are not wrong; applying false lashes can be difficult, especially when you have glue on your eyelids? But the use of clear magnetic eyeliner with magnetic lashes can boost the mechanism most simply. Magnetic lashes are less likely to fall out, more likely to be worn again, and are easier to wash. Just overcome your apprehension of placing magnets near your eyes and get those particular beauty looks you desire to adopt.

Here another question arises: How do you get these things on?

Magnetic lashes offer a mess-free option to adhesive lashes. Connecting the magnets at the correct spot on your lash line is critical to a smooth application. The magnets will click together until you get them as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible, producing full, voluminous lashes.


Here are a few things you should know before attempting to apply your first pair.


How to Use Magnetic Lash Extensions?

You can achieve perfection in the application of magnetic lashes after adopting a trial and error rule. Some people cut them in half to keep the corners from sticking up, or you can also get a pre-cut version now. In actual it is not very important because they have magnets all over.


  • Magnetic lashes are a little rigid right out of the bag, so roll them out to highlight the bend before applying them.
  • Then put the top strip on top of natural lashes and make sure that it properly matches.
  • After keeping that in place, open your eyes wide and put the lower set under the upper set.

How transparent magnetic eyeliner is a game-changer?

The arrival of clear magnetic eyeliner is a game-changer, and now in Plain, that means no “eyeliner look” is needed, as well as no eyeliner ability! Clear magnetic eyeliner is ideal for all eyeliner consumers, from novice to professional, and this transparent version is nearly foolproof!

There is no more waiting for lash glue to dry and then watching the lashes slide out of place as the glue dries. Transparent magnetic eyeliner creates no sticky mess with your natural lashes, and you experience no ripping your lashes out when you remove your falsies.


Transparent magnetic eyeliner is quick to add and takes just a few seconds. It can survive all forms of weather and remains on all day. Most importantly, these beautiful lashes can make you feel and look incredible, and no crusty glue film on your lashes means you will get a lot of use out of them.