Every parent dreams of having a well-bred offspring, respectful, polite and obviously very good at school. This is not impossible but requires years of hard work from you dear parents to be able to give the world a model child.

Your child is generally in your image, but this is only valid until the age when he goes to school. Because after that, it comes into play and shares the educational mission with you. The choice of the right school is based on your shoulders.  Wellingtoncollege will give you some practical advice for a better choice:

1- Try to choose a school that is culturally diverse, so that your child is not locked in a bubble that contains only one type of mentality or vision of life.

2- Do not be ashamed to do a little investigation about the school level and reputation of the school. We will always ask which school your child comes from, and even if his grades are good, we will always be based on the level of the school where he / she studied.

3- In your quest for the good school that will share with you the education of your butcher. Aim for a place known for its discipline. A school that will change your little one into better and worse, a strict and comforting place at the same time.

4- Focus on the ideology adopted by the school and ensure that it is close to yours or less consistent with your ideas and beliefs. This is important so that your child is not divided between what you teach him and what he receives at the school.

5- Choose a school that contains green spaces in the playground for your child to flourish. The effect that space and greenery have on the psychology of the person is incredible.

6- Look more closely at schools that adopt school management software. Management software is a more efficient and faster means of communication. They allow you to be aware in real time of the evolution and behavior of your child.

Of course it is not easy to make decisions for the future of your little treasure. But trust yourself and your instincts as good parents. You will no doubt succeed in forming the beautiful example you have always dreamed of.