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Flowers serve as potent metaphors. People worldwide use them to commemorate key life events, such as rites of passage, festivals, and life transitions. Flowers are the most popular present for any occasion and anyone in your life. We can send flowers to someone we love on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and many more. Flowers can be used to convey a variety of emotions, including congratulations, apologies, gratitude, and many more.


Flowers have meaning and are associated with different occasions of life. If the specific flowers are unavailable in your country or don’t support that species, they will be imported from other countries.


Flowers are in high demand worldwide and can be a lucrative business for exporting countries with low incomes and cheap labor costs. While this success can be attributed to manufacturers’ ability to take advantage of their geographical location and availability to low labor prices, it may not be long-term due to unstable supply chains and high transportation expenses.


Due to the unpredictable supply condition, sola wood flowers have emerged as an alternative to fulfill clients’ desires. Here below are some reasons why sola wood flowers are much better than imported cut flowers:

Transportation cost, risk and duties:

The following points elaborate on why imported cut flowers are so costly and how sola wood can be a better alternative.

  • To keep cut flowers fresh, they must be transported in a “cold-chain,” a succession of refrigerated facilities on farms, trucks, planes, and boats that put the flowers into a dormant state.
  • Flowers are perishable and cannot stay fresh for a long time. If the customs clearance found any discrepancy in shipment documentation, they can hold a shipment for a longer time to spoil flowers at the destination port. This risk factor can cause big losses to businesses.
  • The imported flowers are subject to customs duties and taxes at the destination port. They impose taxes that can cause to make them too costly, which compel buyers to go with economical options. Wood flowers are easy to store and require no special conditions and other transportation requirements.

Health risk associated with imported flowers:

To keep flowers fresh and long-lasting, they are fumigated with highly toxic chemicals like Methyl bromide. Which research has proved that Methyl bromide can severely injure the lungs. Continuous inhalation of Methyl bromide may trigger neurological effects in humans.

But alternatively, sola wood flowers are made from a natural source which is also used to make tapioca, bread and cassava flour. Sola wooden flowers are non-toxic and eco-friendly, but they are not edible and should only be used for decoration.

Protect the environment:

Due to being out of season locally, wedding flowers that must be imported may have to travel hundreds of kilometres to get there. This usually implies that pesticides are used to keep them safe during transit. The fragile flowers must also be properly packed with disposable materials such as plastic sleeves, cartons, delicate stem-protecting tubes made of plastic, rubber bands, packing tape, and paper to be sent successfully across the globe.


On the other hand, sola wood flowers are produced from balsa trees that have been cultivated naturally, which is 100 per cent biodegradable and requires much less packing to safely travel from the place where they are produced to their ultimate destination.