Septic System

Your septic system can last up to 50 years with the proper maintenance. Poorly installed systems or systems not suitable for your lifestyle or property might not last that long. Everything eventually needs repairing and after a while, replacing is the better option.

So, how will you know what it’s time to replace your system?

Here are a few signs that it might be time to get a new septic drain field design for your home.


  1. Weak Flushing

Pay attention the speed of your toilet. Is it taking a longer time than normal to flush?

This could be a sign that there is a leak, clog, or serious backup in the septic system. It’s important to call an expert if you notice your toilet flushing slower. This is a sign that there is something wrong and it could get worse the longer you wait.


  1. Standing Water

Any puddling in your yard could be a sign that there is a problem with your septic field design. Septic tanks need to be emptied every few years depending on the amount of water your household uses. If the tank is full of waste, waste and wastewater can flood into your yard. This could also be a sign of a clog so it’s important to seek out a specialist before the problem gets worse.

  1. Using too much water

The size of your septic tank is important. If your household uses a lot of water, a bigger tank is needed. If you have a tank that is too small for your home, this can result in overfilling because the septic field design can only drain the water out so quickly.

There are alternatives for septic designs if your home uses a lot of water. Some designs allow for a smaller tank because they utilize a pump that helps speed up the filtering process. This will allow the system to be faster.