Search engine optimization improves ranking, increases visibility and monetizes business.

Search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO by its acronym in English, is the process by which you can optimize your web ranking in search engines. It source for increasing your visibility in the ranking of organic results.

Surely this first sounds good, but really, why is SEO positioning important? Or put another way, why do we need to be the first in Google results?

What is search engine optimization in Digital Marketing?

Knowing what is search engine optimization is very important for your business to have a promising future. It seems that, nowadays, if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. The digitalization of companies has become an essential requirement to position themselves in the market. Let’s see why:

  1. Increase your visibility: The first organic results of Google take 80% of the clicks. In contrast, Google ads only the remaining 20%.
  2. Make your business profitable: Adwords advertising campaigns can be very expensive. However, SEO positioning can help you save money. In addition, it is a strategy that will maintain the profitability of your digital investment, in the long term.

You can measure and optimize:  One of the things that make it essential to know what is search engine optimization, is that you can evaluate the results and know which are giving better results. Having the option to tailor our way to the future. You can get help for ranking from any SEO Company.

What are the most important factors for search engine optimization?

As time has gone by, the most important factors to dominate web positioning have also changed. To the point that, currently, we can focus on two:

  • The authority. Measure the popularity, interest and acceptance of your website. That is to say, if your page is shared by the users, it means that the information you provide has seemed useful to them. What makes it a recommended portal? At least, this is what happens in Google’s eyes.
  • The relevance is the relationship that your website has according to what the user has entered in his query in the search engine. You offer an answer to your needs. So we understand that you provide quality content, relevant to the user and their search. Something that will position you, easily, at the top that only those who know what search engine optimization is.


Differences between on-site and off-site web positioning

Reaching the top can be easy, yes. But it is a complex path. Full of changes in course and unevenness in a terrain, increasingly swampy. That is why, in order to have good authority and relevance, we must use both on-site and off-site techniques.

After the Website Development, the on-site positioning techniques are carried out within our own domain. That is, it refers to the actions that are carried out through the contents that are hosted on our page. The more texts are worked on, the better search results they offer us: Something we get through:

  • Search and select keywords that have more searches.
  • Take care of the user experience within the content.
  • Improve the load times of the web page.
  • Define URL’s friendly. That is to say: brief, short and concise.

On the other hand, off-site techniques are those external actions that are carried out to improve the authority of our website. The more domains they direct to us, the more relevant we will be to search engines. For example:

  • Doing Link building strategies.
  • Having presence in social networks.