Do you want to open your own real estate agency? Before you start, know that you will have to undertake a number of administrative steps. Obtaining the business card, how to create your business, taking out insurance … Here is an overview of the various steps required to create your structure recommended by

How to create your business

If you wish to create your real estate agency, you will have to take a number of steps, namely:

  • Find a business name
  • Choose the legal framework of your company (sole proprietorship or company);
  • Constitute the company or the company (determination of the assets, signature of the statutes …);
  • Register your business or company
  • File a business card application
  • Open an escrow account, if you plan to collect funds from your clients.

Professional card: an essential element

If you want to open your real estate agency, you will necessarily have a professional card. This document will be issued by the ICC (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the only structure that is entitled to give it to you.
In practice, you must now send your business card applications to the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Territorial Industry:

  • the place of the applicant’s place of business, where the application is made by a legal person;
  • The place of its principal establishment, for applications from a natural person.

Your requests must be filed against discharge. They can also be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
Business cards are now valid for 3 years, compared to 10 years ago. They can carry a total of 6 mentions: transaction on the buildings and the goodwill, property management, syndic of co-ownership, merchant of lists, tourist services and provision of services.

Tips for property sale and purchase business

The preparation

For the sale of a property you should prepare something. No matter if you do the sale yourself, because you get considerably more inquiries without a broker, or with a broker, nobody takes that preparation away from you.

1. market analysis

Look at the Internet on the large portals for comparable properties in the region of the property. Compare the offered properties with your offer. Is your property better or less good? This way, you can easily find a fair market price for your property. Pricing is not the sum of your investments made from the purchase price to the last renovations, only the market, which price is achievable. Setting too high a price, in the idea of ​​having room for negotiation, is fundamentally wrong. Prefer to set a low price and only minimal engage in price negotiations. Years of futile sales efforts cost many unnecessary interest.

Useful for the pricing can be an assessment by an expert, then you have to present the interested parties something tangible.

2. Object preparation

Look at your object with neutral eyes as possible. What small repairs or renewals should you make to upgrade the property. Similar to car sales, which you wash, clean, grow, when a prospective buyer comes forward, your home or house should also be prepared for sale. Check what goes into your trash anyway in the bulky waste and dispose of it before the visits. This creates space and expands the spaces. This also applies to garages, storage rooms and the property itself.

3. Documents

You should have the following important documents at your disposal:

  • Deed,
  • Plat,
  • Floor plans of the individual floors,
  • Floor area calculation (may measure yourself and compile yourself).

In the case of residential property, the declaration of division and the last minutes of the owners’ meeting and the last housing benefit statements. Evidence of recent investments. If available, a valuation report.

When to sell best?

Of course, it is the most beautiful in spring and summer, but autumn also has its beautiful sides and houses are also bought in winter. So do not take the season too seriously.

Where and how should the property be advertised?

Principle: do not mess, but paddle. Do not put an ad and then “let’s wait and see”, but in a short time (3 months to 1/2 year is still considered short) compact and professional advertise. Internet advertising and newspaper ads are a matter of course. Also check if a sales sign is clearly visible on the property or in the window.