Tips to choose and buy the best headphones

Tips to choose and buy the best headphones to listen to music and play on the PC.
Remember that they are also known as headphones or earphones. I love these types of accessories because they allow you to enjoy your multimedia content with great comfort, at a good volume and without bothering anyone.

Recommendations for buying headphones or earphones

I do not mean aesthetics, this is dealt with in another point. Depending on how they are built, you can buy more robust headphones from, which will definitely affect its durability and the comfort of using them. As there are two types of headphones, let’s make the exception for each one:

Headset or semicircular headphones (With bridge and earmuffs)


  • Thickness: The Bridge must be thick to prevent it from breaking easily.
  • Earmuff material:Must be comfortable and durable. There are economic earphones that incorporate a faux leather that is very thin so that after a short time it starts to deteriorate and to get loose.
  • Mobility of the earmuff:It is convenient that you can make small rotations so that it fits more comfort to your ears and also avoid having to force them
  • Adjustable bridge:The length of the bridge must be adjustable because humans have different sizes. The adjustment should not endanger the cable.
  • Cable:Preferably have an accessory to adjust it, of those that look like a small ring, these help the cables do not get tangled.
  • Microphone:If you are playing or you intend to use Skype or similar, it is very convenient to have a microphone and that it can be adjusted.
  • Connector:The standard 3.5mm plug is the perfect choice because it can be connected to virtually any audio device including your smartphone and iPod, applies the same for microphone as for input, however note that some devices have a larger connector 6.3mm, they are usually for professional use.
  • Volume control:Although you can always adjust it on the PC, phone or audio player, I like to be able to adjust it also in the same hearing aid, usually bring an accessory at chest height for this purpose.

Insert earphones in the ear


  • Material: The best thing is that they have a rubber cover so they do not bother when you put them on. Some are a simple cover, others are more elaborate and have a broad design that increases comfort and can even serve to address the sound better to the ear.
  • Support for ears:There are earphones with and without this support, obviously if they have it is more comfortable, but neither is that you can not live without this.
  • Microphone:Personally I do not see any use in this type of headphones but if you consider it important, some bring it as an accessory at chest height.
  • Length of the cable:Unlike headphones, I like them not to be extremely long because, as these types of headphones are more to carry with you, they are more prone to get tangled, especially if you carry them in your pocket.
  • Connector:As far as they all come with the usual 3.5mm.