Here you have the best tips and tricks to buy clothes without trying it (either in physical store or online)

Many women are very reluctant to buy clothes online because they cannot prove it, but there are a number of tips for buying clothes without trying it on that can help you. These tricks can also be useful if you hate shopping, trying on clothes or for women who have little time. Lose the fear of buying clothes without trying it on with these tips.

Tips to buy clothes without trying it on

Buy clothes without the need to go through the fitting room

  1. T-shirts and dressesare the easiest items to buy online from Loavies without trying them.
  2. Lightweight fabric garments adapt much better to the bodythan rigid fabrics, very thick and heavy. Therefore, it acquires clothes in light fabrics and with some fall.
  3. Do not buy very tight clothes, as this type of clothing can pose several problems when wearing them. Bet on garments that are not too tight, rather broad.
  4. If you doubt about the size, you should always purchase the largest size.Think that if a garment is large in size you can fix it. A small garment is much harder to adapt. You should also bear in mind that the clothes you buy online can be returned.
  5. When you go to the stores to buy some pants and do not feel like trying them on, you must perform the following trick: take the waist of the pants and roll it around the neck, if it fits is that the pants are your size.
  6. Another trick for shirts or blouses: take the garment and see if it is your size by taking the shoulders and measuring them with yours. You must do this from behind. If the seams of the garment match your shoulders it is your size.
  7. Buying shoes online or in stores without trying them should not be a problem, since we all know the size we use, but the reality is that it is a problem. Each shoe model is different (due to design, materials, finishes …) so it is usually necessary to try them. Anyway, this trick can help you to know the exact size: the measurement of your forearm is usually exactly the same as that of your foot.
  8. The perfect cut is always one that is very clean and straight. This type of cut that admits some variation, usually lengthen the silhouette, something that is always very flattering you have the body you have.
  9. Do not be afraid to buy a maxi dress without trying it on. If it’s too long, you can always cut it and adapt it to whatever length you want. You can even turn a maxi dress into a short dress.
  10. If you want to acquire a garment with neckline without going through the tester, opt for garments that have a v-neckline. This type of necklines favor all types of silhouettes and any type of chest.
  11. Online stores like Amazon or Loavies allow you to order several items(without paying them) and try them at home.You have a deadline to decide what you want and what you give back.

With these tips you can buy clothes without trying it on.