gel nails

Do you want to add length, lasting tips to your natural nails, or desire to have extra space for nail art and polish in general?

Gel nails are a common and preferred approach to get these desired requirements. Gel nails Wellingborough are just like artificial nails that may last for up to four weeks. Still, whether they are acrylic or gel nails, artificial nails have a reputation for being destructive. Before going into the realm of nail extensions, it’s crucial to know what they are. Before scheduling your appointment with a nail technician in Wellingborough, here is all you need to know:

Gel Nails:

When it comes to nails, gel extensions fall between acrylic and press-on nails. An ultraviolet laser cures the coating of hard gel over your natural nail, transforming it into an extension. These nails are as strong and long-lasting as acrylic nails, but with the added benefit of being as simple to remove as press-on nails.

How to apply gel nails?

Gel nail extensions are available in pre-shaped packages or custom-built by your nail technician. To get a perfect gel nail, follow this simple procedure.


First, file your nails gently, clean under the nails, and push the cuticle back. Treat your nails with a bonder and a primer for a pre-shaped set to adhere. On the next layer of gel, 60 seconds of UV radiation cures it. Next, select a fake nail from the kit that matches your size, cover it with gel beneath, and push it onto the finger for a few seconds. Place it under UV light for 60 seconds more, and then apply nail polish and nail art.

Qualities of gel nails, Wellingborough:

Gel nails Wellingborough are one step superior then acrylic nails. As compared to fake plastic nails, these are more flexible and lighter. They are manufactured using pre-made gel nail tips rather than harsh chemicals and powders. These nails are easy to apply and remove, and as a result, they are less harmful to you and your nail tech. Soaking completely removes them, and excessive buffing damages nail structure, and they might harm your nails if removed carelessly.