Designing your bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen is not limited to accessories and furniture. To “finish” its decoration, it is fashionable to accompany its curtains of widows. Our advice is given below for choosing them well.

Light curtain or on the contrary thick, opaque or transparent fabric, colored or not? Many questions remain on hold and choosing the right curtains is not so obvious. To select them correctly, there are some rules to follow.

The exhibition

First of all, it is important to take into account the orientation of the window. If the orientation is south, the sun will illuminate the room much of the day. Thicker curtains as well as darker shades, such as taupe or gray, or colored, can be used. Be aware, however, that a fabric regularly exposed to the sun will tend to become damaged.

In the north, on the contrary, the brightness is less important, it is advisable to choose curtains with lighter fabric and in light colors. The idea is to let the light go to the maximum. Choose, for example for white curtains or linen curtains.

The style

The color and the fabric of your curtains can not be bought at random. Like the rest of the accessories, they choose to be in harmony with the whole room. 

Do you fall for pretty curtains with bold colors? Invite them only if your interior is rather sober. Ditto for printed matter. They are displayed on the curtains only if the walls and decoration are made in plain colors.

Indeed, the curtains must emphasize your windows as well as the room. Therefore, it is not advisable to hide, for example, pretty moldings with a heavy fabric.  Silk curtains are easily available in market and can increase the beauty of room.

As for the size, they are preferred long, falling on the floor, for large windows or a room with ceiling height.

The practical aspect

If you live in town, you can equip your window with two pairs of curtains. The first sail, will hide the view on your interior, while letting the light. The second pair, thicker, will allow at nightfall to offer more privacy.