Shopping Local

As the economy slowly gets back to normal, we’re all looking forward to getting back to our regular routines. But before you get out there and start shopping like you used to, consider where you want to spend your money — right now, local businesses need your support more than ever.

Whether you’re shopping for a new TV or the best outdoor and sports gear, consider heading to your neighborhood, family-owned shop first. Shopping local is a better, more personal experience. Plus, you’ll fee good about where you’re spending your money!

Here are a few of the main benefits to shopping local:

1. Better quality goods

Bigger stores might have lower prices, but you’re never guaranteed the great quality that you’ll find in your local Mom-and-Pop-shop.

That’s because local businesses are all about quality over quantity. They want to sell a few high-quality products every day, instead of mass-producing cheap junk.

And — especially if you’re looking for local fishing and hunting gear — quality matters!

2. Better customer service

Let’s face it: you just won’t find the same level of personal customer service at a department store as you will at a local business.

Smaller stores simply have more time to dedicate to each customer. Instead of dealing with dishonest salespeople, you can get real advice and expertise as you shop.

3. Less environmental impact

Not only do small businesses need your support these days — the environment does, too!

When you shop local, you’re supporting businesses with less long-distance shipping and better environmental practices. You can feel better about your personal impact.

Ready to make a difference by shopping local? Head to your local Colusa, California outdoor store, and shop the right way!