T-shirt printing

From a technical point of view, creating your own T-shirt printing business is not at all difficult. Equipment and consumables for this type of production are widely represented on the modern market:   it is not difficult to buy a thermal press for sublimation and t-shirts of various sizes themselves  .

Much more questions arise when planning a concept, choosing a main area of ​​activity, and designing future prints. We present to your attention some tips that may help beginners this way and allow you to decide on ideas to print t shirt Singapore.

5 important questions

Even before you decide what to use for printing on T-shirts – a flat thermal press , a  universal printer  or  silk-screen printing equipment , you should ask yourself the following questions regarding the design of future products.

Would you wear it yourself?

One of the very first questions to be answered with the utmost honesty. Of course, you may have completely different tastes and preferences than your potential customers. It is worth making a discount both on age and on the floor, but in general – you should not be ashamed of the print created on the T-shirt. Try to “try on” not only the final product, but also the role of the one who will carry it.

Is it selling?

As you know, not only masterpieces are sold. Even if the design seems simple to you, not too original, or the inscription on the T-shirt is frankly beaten, think about it – after all, there will certainly be an audience for this product. Do not rush to categorically refuse to print on t-shirts something that might not be close to you. Many cliches have been selling successfully for decades.

Is it popular with shoppers?

Thanks to the Internet, evaluating the popularity of a particular design is incredibly simple, thereby eliminating the conflicts of tastes – yours and yours. Let them speak out and make a rating of the products you offer. In any social network or on your website, it costs nothing to organize voting using “likes” – a simple and effective means of expressing your preferences in the online space.

Is my idea unique?

It is quite obvious that the market for such products is now very thoroughly saturated. Those who offer something original and unusual, something that has not happened, have chances to achieve commercial success. And although every year the creation of unique products is becoming increasingly difficult, it is quite possible to find a niche. Ideally, for this it is necessary to have a broad outlook or have a desire to acquire new knowledge.

For example, if you choose to print on T-shirts the symbols of musical groups and artists, it is worth keeping in mind that contemporary art has dozens of branched genres. Groups or singers who are not shown on television do not turn on the radio, however, they can have thousands of fans, which means your potential customers. The situation is similar with the theme of cinema: you can find recognizable prints with sensational films or TV shows, but specific genres are not so widely represented.

Is production cost-effective?

If you are developing a design with an abundance of colors and shades, be prepared for the fact that the production of such a T-shirt will cost more. Perhaps so much so that you have to raise the final price of your product to a level unattainable for many customers. The experience of successful entrepreneurs indicates that the absolute majority of buyers do not care how many colors are used in the drawing – 2 or 10. Often the decisive factor is the design and originality.

Five design ideas for printing on t-shirts

In the modern market, several directions in design are clearly traced, each of which has its own fans. The ideas listed below, although not new, have significant commercial potential, especially if you approach the printing of t-shirts as creatively as possible.


One of the most popular categories is funny t-shirts. This type of product allows you to stand out from the crowd almost instantly, as it is designed for a guaranteed reaction from others. It can be a funny phrase, built on a pun, a recognizable Internet meme or caricature, some actual humorous design, understandable to the absolute majority. This type of design is popular among a wide audience of different sex and age, which means that it can well become the basis for a successful start of a business.


A genre that is not so popular among the majority, but still has its fans and has great opportunities for self-realization. Such projects (and here the main field for activity is, of course, inscriptions) will require a certain qualification from the designer and the availability of artistic abilities. But it is in this category that the chances of creating a unique product are greatest.


This category includes a truly gigantic list of possible design options. Characters should be understood as images of television, cinema and cartoon characters, artists and recognizable images that can be captured in a variety of situations and options – from ordinary photography to the original clip-art. At the same time, you can add the genres listed above – humor and typography, providing the popular hero with a funny inscription or other objects.


You do not need to have any particularly sublime sense of beauty to appreciate the beauty of the pattern. This type of design attracts many people, it has several characteristic branches (ethnic patterns, symmetrical designs and others), so it will not be difficult to find those who want to buy such a T-shirt.


One of the most original genres, which will also require talent. To break away from traditional patterns and create something that does not have a pronounced meaning is the main task of abstract artists. There is a possibility that not all such designs will be understood and accepted by the majority, but for lovers of everything unusual, such a T-shirt will become a real decoration of the wardrobe.