Shooting Range Liability Insurance

While gun ranges are typically safe places to shoot, the nature of the business necessitates the purchase of specialized shooting insurance for these facilities. When it comes to shooting range safety and compliance with local gun laws, the degree of coverage may be directly linked to the future success or failure of the range.

Setting age restrictions, obtaining appropriate identification, and keeping meticulous records are all actions you may take to improve the security of your shooting range. Even though no one can know your company better than you, your insurance agent should come in a close second. Outdoor Insurance Group has professionals on staff that are well-versed in this field.

What does shooting range liability insurance cover?

Shooting range liability insurance may cover indoor and outdoor ranges with pistols, shotguns, rifles, bows and arrows, and other weapons. Liability insurance for shooting ranges also extends to renting and training equipment. The shooting insurance for shooting ranges covers:

·         Commercial General Liability (CGL):

A CGL plan is comprehensive liability insurance for companies that offer coverage for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage originating from your company activities. The accidental discharge would also be protected under the G/L, which covers 3rd party physical harm and 3rd party property damage.

·         Personal Liability:

This insurance gives liability protection for rod and gun club owners. It may cover personal weapon responsibility for people as well. Shooting insurance companies such as “Country Cover Club (C3)” may additionally provide personal and weapon liability to everyone on the premises on a different plan.

·         Alleged Assault and Battery:

The owner of a shooting range may be held responsible for any shootings, conflicts, or other problems. CGL insurance normally doesn’t cover these issues, so litigation resulting from these occurrences is covered under this policy.

·         Firearms Liability:

If an individual carries a legally licenced hidden weapon, this insurance offers liability coverage to use the handgun in a self-defence shooting.

·         Legal Liability:

Criminal accusations are covered with this kind of insurance. If an injured party chooses to file a lawsuit against the shooting range facility owner, this insurance will cover the expense of their legal defence.

·         Alleged Sexual Abuse or Molestation:

This sort of liability coverage protects shooting range owner and their workers against accusations of sexual misbehaviour made by a member or visitor while on their premises.