wedding gift

A wedding is a celebration, a party. Therefore, if you have been invited to one, you will have to give the couple who will marry a gift. To do it correctly, here are the ten rules recommended by best corporate gift company in Singapore to buy a wedding gift:

  • The number one rule to buy a wedding gift is to do it based on the option chosen by the couple, that is, the store where they have placed their gift table. Making a gift table takes time and has a goal, so for nothing in the world you can think of giving something that is not there.
  • The second rule for buying a wedding gift has to do with how much to spend. What you will have to do will be to choose one that corresponds to what the couple is investing per person, in other words, what your place costs. Do not forget to consider your partner or family if your invitation has a +1 or more.
  • In case the relationship with the couple is very close, then you can spend a little or a lot more on the wedding gift.
  • The fourth rule to buy a wedding gift is that if the event will be in another state or country in which you reside, then you can give a detail since you will be spending on going to the party.
  • If you will be a wedding lady you also have the option to give a detail as a wedding gift since you will surely be investing in your personal arrangement: special dress chosen by the bride, hairstyle, makeup, shoes, etc. and even at the bachelorette party .
  • If you are going through a bad economic streak it is also valid to give a detail as a wedding gift to thank the invitation.
  • The seventh rule for buying a wedding gift is that it is permissible for friends to come together to give newlyweds a better gift. Eye, following rule number 2.
  • It is very impolite to get to the wedding with the gift. It has to be sent to the address that the couple decides, unless it is a very special situation.
  • If you are invited to a wedding and for any reason you can not attend, rule number nine is that you will have to give a wedding gift to the couple anyway .
  • Finally, wedding gifts have to be purchased before they take place. In case you can not do it, then you can not spend more than a week (two maximum) to send it. I recommend that you do it with time, since the closer the wedding date approaches your options will be limited.

Follow these rules to buy a wedding gift and it looks great with the couple that marries. And of course, if you’re the one who gets married, this information will be very useful too, do not you think?