Roofing Industry

The Roofing Industry study report offers vital information validated by industry experts with industry sources, raw materials, an outline of cost structure involved in manufacturing, predictions, turnover, production expenses, most recent industry patterns, labor expenses, requests, and so on. The study report on the roofing industry covers a complete industry structure through the globe with a top to bottom investigation of significant elements (Drivers, Possibilities, Challenges).

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Key Industry Trends:

Metal Roofing Leading the Industry

– Metal roofing has become a prominent choice for residential structures. The most significant metal roofing sheet is the most combined kind of metal roofing, while the smallest wedge boards have been created for a couple of years now, majorly to reenact the presence of slates and tiles.

– The life span of a metal roof triples the strength of asphalt shingles, as well as generally different warrantees. But many organizations guarantee their items for up to 20 to 50 years.

– Furthermore, the metal roofing is very adaptable. There is a wide range of metal roofing designs, together with different widths, lengths, and thicknesses, which can add to the special appearance of the house. Aside from these benefits of metal roofs, it is likewise cheap and energy-efficient.

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– A significant part of the metal roofing materials can be introduced on pitched rooftops without any leaks, where the least rooftop contribution is 3 in 12 (the rooftop rises 3 inches for every horizontal foot).

– So, the metal roof industry has been predicted to develop at an increasing rate during the predicted time frame.

Residential Construction to lead the Industry

– Residential construction accounts for the most significant share in the industry, according to a 2018 report. The three popular roofing types of residential houses are wood (cedar), asphalt, and metal.

– In a residential category, the most significant share of 84.6%, or 25,254 is offered by the single-type house when compared with other residential constructions.

– Single-type and duplex/fourfold types of houses are the major customers for roofs, while condos with penthouses offer very little demand for roofing materials.

– These development patterns are expected to support the material industry in the , within the predicted time frame.

Overview of the industry:

  • The roofing industry in the, has been anticipated to generate a CAGR of 7.21% within the predicted time frame (2019-2024). The key element driving the industry examined is the enormous development in governmental constructions and residential structures. Additionally, residential and non-residential constructions are likewise expected to add to the development of the industry considered. The pattern of embracing eco-friendly structures is probably going to speed up the development of the country’s roofing industry.

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  • – The roofing industry is been led by the residential sector in the , in 2018, and has been forecasted to develop within the predicted time frame, attributable to the increasing number of developmental activities in the country.
  • – Existing and forthcoming infrastructure projects and increasing dominance for solar roof installations will probably become future opportunities.

Major Manufacturers Like

  • BP Canada
  • Alpha Pro Steel Makers
  • DN Steel
  • Colorsteel Systems Corporation
  • FEROOF Co. Ltd
  • Jacinto Color Steel Inc.
  • Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group
  • Onduline
  • Metalink
  • Marusugi Co. Ltd
  • Philsteel Holdings Corporation
  • SanlexRoofmaster Center Co. Inc.
  • Puyat Steel Corporation
  • Wienerberger AG.
  • Terral
  • Sheehan Inc.
  • Union Galvasteel Corporation

The Overview of the Report:

  • This report reviews the size of the worldwide Roofing industry, market status and predictions, competitive scene, and development opportunity.

The report on the roofing industry centers around the most recent patterns in the regional and worldwide spaces on every one of the critical parts, including the limit, cost, value, technology, supplies, profit, manufacturing, and the competitive space. Additionally, the previous data and current advancement of the Roofing industry are outlined in the report’s scope. Furthermore, recent trends, item portfolio, demographics, geological division, and administrative structure of the Roofing industry have been reviewed in the study report.

Industry Dynamics: –

  • Drivers: (Developing industries and regions)
  • Limitations: (Regional, Challenges confronting Major Players, Future hindrances for development)
  • Opportunities: (Development rate, Regional, Competitive Landscape, Consumption)


Major Questions Answered in Industry Report: –

  • What will be the development rate of the industry, Overview, and Evaluation based on the Type of Roofing industry in 2023?
  • What are the major components driving the industry, Evaluation based on Applications and the Nation’s Roofing industry?
  • What are the Dynamics, This reviews the Evaluation of Scope, and price evaluation of prominent Vendors Profiles of the Roofing industry?
  • What are the possibilities, Driving Force, and risk associated with the Roofing industry? Insightful Upstream Raw Materials Sourcing and Downstream Buyers.
  • What are the possibilities and dangers confronted by the vendors in the Roofing industry? Business Scope based on Type, Applications, Industry Share, and Gross Margin.
  • What are the possibilities of the Roofing industry, industry hazard, and market outline of the Industry?

In conclusion, the worldwide Roofing Industry Research reviews a total industry structure throughout the world with an extensive examination of major components. This report offers predetermined orientations validated by professionals in the industry.


The Major objectives of Roofing Industry Report: 

  • To offer an insightful evaluation of the industry’s structure alongside the Roofing industry prediction of different categories and sub-sections of the Roofing industry
  • To offer comprehensive data into factors impacting and influencing the development of the industry.
  • To offer past, current, and future revenue growth of industry categories according to the design, material, type, and consumers
  • To offer past, current, and future income of industry categories and sub-sections concerning regional industries and top countries.
  • To offer key profiling of major players in the industry, insightful investigation of the overall industry, key capabilities, and evaluation of the competitive scene for the industry
  • To offer economic variables, technology, and Roofing industry patterns that have an impact on the worldwide Roofing industry

Outlined TOC of Roofing Industry Report 2019-2024:


1.1 Research Deliverables

1.2 Research Assumptions

1.3 Scope of the Research




4.1 Drivers

4.1.1 Significant Development in Construction Activities

4.1.2 Profit in the Trend of Eco-friendly Buildings

4.2 Restraints

4.3 Value Chain Analysis of the Industry

4.4 Porters Five Forces Evaluation

4.4.1 Negotiation Power of Suppliers

4.4.2 negotiation Power of Consumers

4.4.3 Competitive Strength of New Entrants

4.4.4 Competitive Strength of Alternative Products and Services

4.4.5 Strength of Competition


5.1 Type of Product

5.1.1 Asphalt Shingles

5.1.2 Tile Roofing

5.1.3 Metal Roofing

5.1.4 Other Types of Items

5.2 Consumer Industry

5.2.1 Residential

5.2.2 Non-Residential


6.1 Acquisitions and Mergers, Collaborations, Joint Ventures, and Agreements

6.2 Industry Share Evaluation

6.3 techniques Utilized by Leading Players

6.4 Company Profiles

6.4.1 Alpha Pro Steel Creators

6.4.2 BP Canada

6.4.3 Colorsteel Systems Corporation

6.4.4 DN Steel

6.4.5 FEROOF Co. Ltd

6.4.6 Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group

6.4.7 Jacinto Color Steel Inc.

6.4.8 Marusugi Co. Ltd

6.4.9 Metalink

6.4.10 Onduline

6.4.11 Phil Steel Holdings Corporation

6.4.12 Puyat Steel Corporation

6.4.13 SanlexRoofmaster Center Co. Inc.

6.4.14 Sheehan Inc.

6.4.15 Terral

6.4.16 Union Galvasteel Corporation

6.4.17 Wienerberger AG



7.1 Significant Ongoing and Subsequent Infrastructure Projects

7.2 increasing Popularity of Solar Rooftop Installations