Dry skin

Dry skin To help your dry skin regain radiance and comfort, you need to choose products that are formulated for that specific skin type. It will be easy to find you there since, on the vast majority of products, it inscribes the type of skin targeted. Products adapted to your skin […]

Treat your skin in winter

With the biting cold, the high winds, the scarves that sting and the excessive heating of the housing, the skin of your face is victim of many aggressions during the cold season. Drought, tightness, redness and imperfections can be at the rendezvous. Fortunately, we can avoid many inconveniences, as long as we […]

Every season, his skin care

Every season, his skin care It can never be said enough; the skin is the envelope of our body and remains a bodily element that we must take great care. From the outset, the thing may seem complex. You must first determine your skin type, then stay alert for attacks from the […]

Chapped lips in winter

Chapped lips in winter Our lips are fragile and rarely spared by the elements. We all experienced painful, dry, chapped lips in the middle of winter. Fortunately, there are various ways to heal our lips. Here is a small list of tips to make them soft velvet. We exfoliate The very first thing […]

Beautiful skin even in winter!

To have a beautiful skin even in winter! The icy colds as heating inside are just some of the elements that attack our skin the winter came. Here are some tips for getting through the cold season. 1. Avoid hot water We just want the cocooning season come: simmer long moments in a hot bath. As […]

Love in any relationship

Love in any relationship To take a lucid look at institutions such as the marriage or celibacy of the monks. According to him, the knot of every society lies in the relationship that men establish between themselves at the most elementary level; that of the couple. This raises the question of relationships of […]

The 10 enemies of the couple

The 10 enemies of the couple  For your couple to walk there is no point in looking for miracle recipes. On the other hand, you can avoid certain pitfalls that may in the long run weaken the bonds that unite you. A short guide to bad habits to avoid! Summary TV every […]

Crime Patrol Dial 100

Episode 583: ———————- Pari, a nine-year-old girl, is terrified of a stranger, who she claims is threatening her. Pari’s mother blames her mother-in-law for telling horror stories to her daughter. The police are called in to investigate. But, no one seems to have seen the stranger, who only Pari is […]