Marketing for Dummies 

Not every entrepreneur has a marketing budget like big MNCs, neither do they have the time in most cases. If you are starting a business and have a team of beginners, then it is easy to get intimidated and feel pressurized by the competition. However, it is important to remember that everyone starts at the bottom and the way up is not a cakewalk.

Only in this case, you’re lucky because years of marketing experience and readymade strategies have made it easy for rookies to achieve targets. The following article provides a snapshot of marketing strategies meant for novices.

Utilize Super Customers

Super customers are the people who are invested in your brand and product and willingly market it. This could include bloggers and influencers, as well as daily customers. The people who genuinely believe in a product are its best promoters. There are quite a lot of startups that use customer reviews and success stories to connect and influence more people to try the brand out.

Offer Deals and Rewards

One of the easiest ways to market has to be rewarding and discounts. When people go grocery shopping they usually look for package deals or offers that will save them money from a broader perspective. Deals like “One plus One” are very famous and instantly catch the eye of people. It’s a great way to convert visitors to customers and drive more traffic to your product.

Unique Selling Point

Your USP should be one of the first things you offer and market. There are so many competitors in the market and it would be futile to advertise the same value or product as them. Especially when you are entering a new territory you need to give people a reason to trust you over the already existing companies. This can only be accomplished if you creatively promote your unique value.

If your product is not an innovative one, then make sure that your marketing strategy is. You can compensate for the lack of innovation by marketing your brand and reaching out to people through emotions and stories. For example, there are so many good brands of shoes but Nike always takes the top place in the game due to their incredible marketing skills which reflect their vision, goals, ideas, and purpose.

Explore Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing lately and it has opened so many doors for people to experiment with different kinds of strategies and techniques. The best part is that you can perform A/B testing without much effort and modify your approach within seconds if it fails to work.

You can get in touch with expert digital marketers via email and take advice or help. Make use of websites such as that make use of machine learning algorithms to find an email address any professional easily.


Marketing is a challenging but fun opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and test the limits to your innovation. Anyone can take up marketing if they dare to experiment and confidence to test their implementations. At the same time, you need to be prudent and careful about your choices. Nevertheless, it is always a fun journey!