Love in any relationship

To take a lucid look at institutions such as the marriage or celibacy of the monks. According to him, the knot of every society lies in the relationship that men establish between themselves at the most elementary level; that of the couple. This raises the question of relationships of domination, the role of love and sex in the relationship.

Sex, far from being demonized, is subjected to analysis, it is not a question of denying the sexual impulse, but of avoiding that the satisfaction of a natural need turns into a relation of domination or an obsession. Only love allows him to express himself fully and completely. Love is defined from what it is not: emotional dependence, desire, marriage – which is nothing less than a social contract. Love presupposes responsibility between those who love each other, whether it is the spouse or the loving partner, the children, the neighbor, the nation and, ultimately, society.

The problem of chastity first concerns those who, in the context of a religion, have vowed sexual abstinence. Doing or not making love should not be a matter of constraint but of context. The essential thing is to simply observe the facts and not a reality idealized by thought. Because it is ultimately thought that is at the root of many divisions. Realizing this provides access to the direct perception of what is. And the questions light up all the better as we give them time to echo in silence. It is from this silence that