Do you want to sell your car online? offers you the necessary tips to do it in a fast, fun and efficient way.

When looking for a car, people usually make a quick and specific reading based on their preferences for brands, models and budget. For this reason, it is important to place the details of the vehicle so that the interested party has the information of interest or need, so that he can then analyze each option he chooses and evaluate his purchase.

Here are six steps that will help you sell your car faster online:


  1. Highlight the attributes of your car

Your car is special, right? Well, since you know it as the palm of your hand, it describes and highlights the most striking aspects of the vehicle, those things that make it special and that you think it will add to the decision making of potential buyers, such as the use of the car, the mileage, maintenance, accessories and additional things you have.

In the case of, the data included in your notice will also be used to appear in the search filters used by the interested parties according to their preferences or needs, in such a way that they find it faster.


  1. Place a competitive price

Since you know your car very well, it is time to place a good market and competitive price. The publications with a good price are identified and valued faster by the visitors of a site, in particular in, since this data is one of the filters most used by the interested parties when they carry out the searches.


  1. Specify the location

One fact that you cannot miss is the location where the vehicle is located. The data of the location will serve the prospective buyer to schedule his visits according to his availability of time and thus be able to see the vehicle.


  1. Add photographs

Photos can transform your notice from discrete to very striking and achieve contactability for future sale. We recommend placing pictures of your car, both outside and inside. Try to take them (or they are taken, if you do not do it yourself) in broad daylight and from different angles. Good lighting and cleaning of the car is a guarantee of greater interest on the part of potential buyers.

Remember that once you upload your images, you can order them to your liking and highlight what you think is convenient as the main photo.


  1. Answer the questions

If you have followed all the previous steps, it is very likely that people will start to contact you. Answer your queries as soon as possible and resolve any doubts, as they will begin to coordinate visits with you to know your car and make a final decision.


  1. Highlight your notice

Do you want your ad to have more attributes, relevance and scope for you to sell your car quickly? Use the different options of publication packages to highlight it among the rest and you will obtain better results.

With this brief guide, we hope to help you have a good experience selling your car.