Let’s see below how to hire new staff for our business through six steps:

1. Describe the vacancy

First of all we must analyze the vacancy for which we are looking for candidates, and then make a written description of it, as detailed as possible.

In this description we must point out in the functions, tasks, obligations and responsibilities that the worker occupying the position must have. Also, we must point out the people who will depend directly, as well as the people who will be their subordinates. The more detailed is the description of the vacancy, the more likely we are to find the right person to perform it.

2. Describe the requirements for the position

Once we have analyzed and described the vacancy, we must determine the requirements that a person must have in order to apply for that position.

We must indicate what will be the experience, education, knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes that the candidate or applicant should have.

For example, if we are looking for candidates for a position related to receptionist Fort Worth, we may require applicants who have experience in the position, who possess skills to relate to others and to communicate, and who have the necessary attitudes to serve the client.

3. Design ads

The most common way to find or call candidates for a position is through the publication of announcements or notices.

When writing the announcements, we must base ourselves on the requirements that we have defined previously, and be as precise and specific as possible, so that we do not look for too many applicants and, thus, avoid spending a lot of time and money.

But, on the other hand, we should not place unnecessary requirements or put up very high hurdles that could limit us too much the search and the possibility of convoking good candidates.

For example, if we are looking for maintenance personnel, asking for a certain degree of instruction could be a deterrent to good candidates for the position, who may not have the required degree of instruction, but who may have the knowledge, skill and the attitude necessary for a good performance.

In addition to the requirements that a person must meet to apply for the vacant position, a job advertisement may include:

  • a brief description of the business.
  • the functions that the worker will perform.
  • the physical address where they can leave.
  • the physical address where they can approach to perform an interview.
  • the electronic address where you can send us your résumés.
  • the telephone number to which you can call us for any questions.
  • the deadlines and dates on which you can send us or approach to be interviewed.

An important factor in finding good applicants is to choose the place where we place the ads; to know where to place them, we must take into account the type of candidate we are looking for.

We can use newspapers, Internet, posters, murals in study centers, walls or windows of our business premises, etc.

But in addition to the use of ads, we can also get candidates by applying to schools, friends or acquaintances, or even our own workers.

4. Select personnel

Once we have called the candidates, we will review them and discard those applicants who do not meet the requirements.

And the rest, we will quote them for a job interview , in which we will ask them open questions in order to check if they really meet the necessary requirements to be able to perform correctly in the vacant position.

Then, once all the applicants have been evaluated, we go on to select the one that best meets the requirements, that is, the most suitable to fill the position.

At this point it is important to corroborate the information or references that the applicant has given us, for example, communicating with their former managers and asking them if the information they have provided is correct, which in turn allows us to consult them about their past performance.

5. Hire staff

Once the ideal candidate has been selected to fill the vacant position, we will hire him, that is, sign a contract with him, where we will indicate the position to be filled, the functions he will perform, the remuneration he will receive, the time he will work with us, and other aspects that may be necessary.

But before deciding to hire him, we can put him to the test for a short period of time in order to evaluate how he works in his new position, and how he relates to his bosses and colleagues.

6. Train new staff

Once we have hired the new staff, we must ensure that it adapts quickly to the company, and train it so that it can perform correctly in its new position.

To do this, we can start by letting him know the facilities and areas of the company, letting him know where the tools you might need for your work are, and presenting them to your immediate supervisors and your colleagues.

Then we can inform him about the processes and policies of the business, and then train him on the functions, tasks, responsibilities, obligations and other features of his new position.

Finally, it should be noted that this presentation and initial training, we can do it ourselves or we can assign a supervisor, a tutor or any other person who is especially responsible for it.