As you know, the cremation urns for ashes are intended to receive the ashes of a deceased person after a cremation. Just like the other funeral accessories, there is a multitude of urn variety and their rates are depending on the style you want to have. Its choice depends in general on its usefulness. Indeed, if you have an idea to disperse the ashes in the nature, a simple urn is convenient for you to transport them to the place where you scatter them. And if the ashes are buried in a cemetery monument or in a columbarium box it’s better to adopt a solid model that resists the place where you put it.

What model and materials for the manufacturing of a cremation urn?

If you do not know yet, the ashes are not directly placed in the urn, they are first placed in an ashtray which is then sealed and it is after they are put in the urn. Its styles are according to its destination. If the urn is attached to a funerary monument, it must be resistant to degradation. Do not hesitate to adopt a biodegradable urn if you burial it in nature or in case of immersion. For materials, you have a wide choice too, it’s up to you to see what suits your expectations. Granite, stainless steel, wood and ceramics are some of the materials you can choose from. But you have the right to have others according to your taste to symbolize the affection and the respect that you mark to the deceased.

What price for the purchase or manufacture of a cremation urn?

This concept of tariff has a connection with your order. In other words, it depends on the model you want to make and the materials to which the funeral urns are made. Whatever your budget, there is usually the model that suits you. You do not have to order but there are already many forms that are already made at the companies that sell them and you just have to choose what suits you. But if you want to have a unique style, the price depends on your request. It varies from 100 to 400 € and can go beyond this rate if you opt for a personalized appearance. Do not forget that in the event of burial, you must also pay a cemetery tax.