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Buying diamond rings may seem like an easy task at first sight, but it is not. At the time of carrying out this operation it is not only worth guiding us by our personal taste, that also. But we must go a few steps further and look at several essential aspects that directly affect the quality of both the precious stone and the whole. A quality that will be reflected in the total value of the piece in search.

Therefore, when buying 鑽石 rings it is important that you look at the following characteristics:


It is one of the essential requirements to buy diamond rings. The certificate is the document that will guarantee the quality of the stone that is acquiring and where they will be reflected each and every one of its properties: its dimensions, color, symmetry, size and polishing. It would be like your DNA particular, essential to be able to assess the authenticity of the diamond.

Each diamond contains its own certificate, and expert gemologists are responsible for preparing this type of official document.

All pieces of high jewelry, whether 結婚戒指diamond earrings containing diamonds of whatever size must be certified.


Some people confuse the size of a diamond with the shape they acquire. It must be clarified that the size refers to one of the characteristics that determines the value of a diamond. This will determine the degree of brightness that the stone provides, since the size is responsible for how light penetrates. That is, the size is the parameter that most influences the beauty of a diamond.

There are 5 types of size in a diamond: ideal size, very good, good, acceptable and poor. An ideal size will offer an exceptional shine, while a poor size will make the diamond barely shine.

Consequently, the value of a diamond ring will be modified depending on the type of size. We recommend that at least when buying diamond rings the size is good, very good or ideal. These sizes achieve an almost total reflection of light and provide a magnificent shine. Lower sizes are not worth it, because the stone will hardly give off brilliance.


Clarity is another key feature to consider when buying 求婚戒指 with diamonds. It deals with the imperfections that nature has created during the process of crystallization in these precious stones. These inclusions are tiny but depending on the amount and size they present, they can directly affect the quality and beauty of the diamonds.

Diamonds that do not present any type of imperfection are very difficult to find, in this case we would be before a diamond of the highest quality called ” internally perfect “. In this case, the light would cross the stone cleanly, since it would not have any kind of impediment, and therefore its beauty and brilliance would be absolute. In this case the value of the diamonds would be very high.

We do not recommend acquiring 鑽石戒指 from lower ranges, since you would be buying a low quality stone that could even break.


Finally, we must take into account the color of diamonds. These precious stones can have several tonalities that range from pure white (colorless) to yellow. The less color the diamonds present, the higher will be their quality, although the price will be higher.

The absence of color in a diamond allows the light to pass through it in a clean way, thus providing spectacular brightness and excellent quality.

Acquiring a totally colorless diamond is difficult, since these types of stones do not usually abound. But the truth is that the differences between the shades are very subtle, so to acquire a diamond with a medium-high hue (HG) is the most advisable, since we will have a high quality stone at a good price. These are ranges that apparently do not have any color, so its appearance is ideal.