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Selecting a headstone is the last, but not the least important task for relatives in the process of parting from the loved ones. The time of setting a headstone and the choice of its design and material may considerably vary. The options of the design and material of tombstones nowadays have become much wider and varied. From plain, traditional granite plaques to boulder and even glass headstones and memorial sculptures. Some relatives decide to order a headstone soon after the funeral, but some may wait even for a few years until they are emotionally ready to take the step.

But how should you proceed correctly? Usually, four factors determine a choice of a headstone and the time of installing it – personal preferences, trends, deadlines and regulations.

The current trends in the choice of design and material.

Whether one is a traditionalist or prefers contemporary ideas, the main trend is increasingly about individuality and diversity. People are looking for a special, unusual and original memorial to honour their beloved ones with. To get a good idea of “what’s out there”, and get a whole bunch of new ideas for a beautiful and personal headstone you may want to spend some time browsing headstone pictures on social media sites. A growing trend is a demand for glass headstones or a combination of glass and granite. Glasstone is the most experienced and most popular providers of innovative memorials from a layered glass. It is a concept for contemporary hand-crafted glass headstones, sculptural memorials and benches. These beautiful headstones show transparency and visual lightness which may soothe one at emotional times. Glasstone has proved that their glass tombstones can withstand cold Nordic winters, as well as hot Mediterranean summers. You can easily order ready-made or bespoke glass headstone designs online from

When does a headstone have to be set up?

There are no rules as to when a headstone, plate or other types of memorial must be placed on the tomb. However, some cemeteries ask for the place of commemoration to be arranged in due order within six to eight months after the burial. Nevertheless, most of the time it is only required to level the pile of earth and draw a wooden border. In this way, cemetery bearers want to prevent the burial mounds from staying long and collapsing form holes.

When is the earliest one can set the tombstone?

After the burial, stonemasons suggest waiting at least six months for the earth to settle properly. For urn burials, this is not necessary. However, for many relatives, the selection of the headstone marks the completion of the conscious bereavement period. And often, the real mourning begins only after the funeral. Therefore, it is suggested to take time and not to leave the whole emotional burden on one person, instead, letting the closest people from the family get together in deciding when and what memorial to set.

Are there any guidelines on how a headstone should look like?

Not in most cases. Exceptions may concern community installations for urns. Here, often the type and size of the labels are given so that the appearance remains uniform. But that is also the purpose of such a low- maintenance solution. If you want something individual, you might have to choose a single or a double grave. However, in some cases, there may be rules for the type of materials and size of the headstone that may be permitted in the particular cemetery. It may also be that there are regulations for individual areas of a cemetery, for example – only local types of stone may be permitted. It is warmly advised to find out the particular cemetery rules when choosing a burial place. Also, some of them might be negotiable, as some cemeteries have not updated their ordinances for years and do not accommodate the new trends of commemoration traditions.

What do I bring to the consultation with the monument builder?

Knowing your cemetery regulations and setting your budget is essential in the preparation of consultation and brainstorming. Glasstone glass monument builders, who often work with clients overseas, offer online

consultations and asks for a photograph of the burial place, your ideas and wishes and budget. All these things are necessary as the individual headstones will be crafted to accommodate all of the above. The location and surroundings will be incorporated into the design of a tombstone. The life story of the deceased often says a great deal about what the design should look like. Tombstones are often designed today so that they are reminiscent of the deceased in form and design.