Dry skin

To help your dry skin regain radiance and comfort, you need to choose products that are formulated for that specific skin type. It will be easy to find you there since, on the vast majority of products, it inscribes the type of skin targeted.

Products adapted to your skin

In your case, you must choose: dry skin or very dry and dehydrated skin.

  • Always use rich treatments, creamy and creamy textures that will be like a caress for your skin.
  • Avoid the names “gel” or “milk” that are not nutritious enough for you. (The gel is for oily skin and milk for combination skin).
  • The same goes for your make-up remover products: use cream treatments that are rich in hydrating power and ideally without alcohol (which would dry up your skin more).
  • Plus, using a sun care (which can be included in your day cream) is definitely a must for you. Your skin will be protected, while being more hydrated again. Therefore, you will agree that it is important to avoid long exposure to the sun (which would dry out your skin and make it even more sensitive).
  • Enjoy your night’s sleep to brush a good layer of night cream. In the morning, your skin will thank you!

Other ideas

To conclude, why not take advantage of a moment of respite to apply a mask on your face and neck (moisturizing mask with a thick texture)?

You will see an immediate effect, both in terms of the comfort of your skin and its appearance. Ideally, repeat the exercise twice a week, if possible!

And if you’re one of those who never take time for them, why not get a facial at a Mother’s Day Beauty Center or for your birthday?!

And if not, apply the proverb: “One is never better served than by oneself!”

Good luck!