If you are looking for an ergonomic office chair, the choice is not lacking, neither in stores, nor on the web. With armrests or without? With wheels or fixed feet? With headrest? Dynamic or synchronous? Many options are available to meet your needs as closely as possible.

The ergonomic office chair is one of the most important office tools because it affects your everyday working conditions. Whether for a few hours or a long day, choose it according to the environment of your office, your activity, your health.
Here are our tips for choosing your office chair.

Why an ergonomic office chair rather than a traditional chair?

An ergonomic office chair or pedicure chair must adapt perfectly to the user to meet his needs and expectations.
Unlike a traditional chair, an ergonomic office chair has different settings and options for sitting comfortably. Adjusting the backrest for back pain, adjusting the armrests to relieve the shoulders or headrest to maintain the head, everything is done to provide a comfortable seat.
A traditional chair is designed to be seated for a meal and not for work.

With wheels, fixed feet, with armrests, which office chair to

Among the options available on a desk chair, the casters and armrests are obvious, even essential. However, they are not necessarily suitable for all activities.

– The wheels

The wheels are used to move easily around the office while sitting.
Today, almost all ergonomic office chairs are equipped with them and yet they do not always please. However, this choice remains personal and is realized according to the preferences of each one.
If you prefer office chairs with fixed feet, discover our rocking chair  that offers comfort and dynamism thanks to its tilting and keeps you active.

– The armrests

We do not always know what the armrests are for, and we often think that it’s a
personal preference story. Well no, the armrests have a real function. They can relieve the shoulders, especially when typing on a keyboard all day. Thus, with an office chair, the neck and shoulders relax more easily and the forearms are maintained. However, they can be discouraged if your activity requires a lot of movement around your office or if you get up regularly. Indeed, in these cases, the armrests can disturb you and prevent you from moving as you wish.

Synchronous and dynamic mechanisms for even more comfort

Two mechanical systems are more and more noticed thanks to their innovation which allows even more comfort of sitting during the long days of work.

– Synchronous mechanism

The synchronous mechanism is a system that reproduces a tilt according to the movements of the body. The seat is raised at the same time that the backrest tilts to always get a perfect position of the spine. High performance, its movement offers a constant support of the back that is always pressed against the backrest.

– Dynamic mechanism

The dynamic mechanism is a system that keeps you active all day long.
When sitting on it, it feels like sitting on a ball.

Ideal for people who sit for long hours (more than 4 hours) during the day, it follows perfectly the movements of the body.
When you swing back to relax, the seat follows the movement to provide a comfortable resting position. On the contrary, if you fall forward, the seat follows your movement and you have to stay on your legs.

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