wedding anniversary

You want to please your lover, but you want to think outside the box?
Remember that everything is in the way of offering, in the emotions that accompany your gesture. You can choose a best one idea among anniversary gifts for couples. Once this has been clarified, the options are almost endless. Here is a glimpse of gifts that may enchant your lover:


Try to find a gift that “shares”, and especially that will allow you to spend time together.

A surprise release

At the restaurant, museum, skiing, a horse-drawn carriage ride or a sleigh ride, at the spa, a naughty night at the hotel … All the choices are open to you. Simply choose an activity that will surely appeal to the other person, and most importantly, do not touch a word before D-Day. Arrange the details of importance Keep your children, or make sure that he or she will not work the chosen day).

Choose a gift that will last several months

Sign up for a course you are interested in. It could be Latin dance, painting, a foreign language, a reading club or other … So, you make sure to spend every week moments of quality as a lover, and to deepen, together, One of your common passions.

A piggy bank

Make it yourself or choose a nice big pig. Then offer your lover that the money you save both will only serve for your couple outings. Depending on the amount, you could enjoy nice evenings at the restaurant, pleasant weekends, or even a trip to the South, who knows? Pledge both to set aside a certain amount each week, and choose your gift together when you break the piggy bank.

For sports enthusiasts

Choose something that will satisfy your partner’s passion. Here the advantage is that available gifts can fit all budgets.

An accessory necessary to practice his favorite sport

Tennis rackets, golf clubs or balls, skates, yoga mats …


Adapted to his favorite activity.


For a soccer or hockey game, for a figure skating show, etc. Of course, accompany your partner, and have fun (or pretend)!

A package for a hike

You can try horseback riding or cross-country skiing, a parachute jump or hang-gliding. An original outdoor day always leaves an unforgettable memory!

Techno Gifts

The service geeks will appreciate receiving the latest fashionable gadget: go for a ride in the nearest electronics store and you will find your happiness (and hers) for sure!

A video game

For his favorite console, provided you do not pester after he or she spends too much time in front of his screen! There is no question of choosing a gift that could cause tension.

One LED bulb

And its remote control that allows to change the color of the lighting in the room … You can go through all the shades of the prism. Beautiful evenings in perspective!

A prepaid card

That will allow the fans of their cell phone to acquire full of new applications.

Sexy little attention

Offer a professional photo shoot.

This gift can take several forms: you could decide, ladies, to do the shooting a few days in advance and offer him a collection where you would be unrecognizable, both in your clothes and your suggestive positions … It is also possible to ” Offer the other the “right” to take a picture of you in a very special session, or go together to see a professional photographer who will immortalize those moments for you. It’s up to you to choose what would best suit your couple!

Game or Book

Choose an adult board game or an erotic book for hot, hot, hot parties.

Offer an outing in a sex shop

Your lover will have a budget to buy whatever he or she wants to celebrate love as it should. Of course you will have to accompany it … These are best 5 year anniversary ideas for her.

Long live Romanticism

For those of you who swear by bouquets of red roses, heart-shaped pendants and sweet toys, we also have some ideas that will seduce you.

A gift that will last the whole year

You will find the book “One image a day to say I love you” ($ 25) in your favorite bookstore (Renaud-Bray, Archambault). This is a collection of 365 beautiful photos that will express your feelings perfectly.

Spa-inn-nature weekend

This is a great classic, but why eliminate a formula that works! If you want to change the routine a little, you could also opt for an overnight stay at the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City or Montreal (do not worry, it should not be so cold!) Our province is full of wonderful places To discover as a couple, enjoy!

Taste of the table

Of course, smells and flavors are also very sensual. For lovers of good food, prefer a present that will titillate your taste buds as a preliminary.

A Dinner in a large restaurant

This choice is expensive, but you both dream of tasting the specialties for so long. It’s now or never!

A gourmet world tour

Search the yellow pages to find 12 restaurants from different countries and write an invitation for each month of the year to come. Book your couple a monthly outing in an exotic restaurant to discover new flavors.

At your furnaces!

You will find on our site many easy recipes. Create a 4 or 5 course meal and invite your loved one to taste your culinary creations. Of course, to make everything perfect, consider the presentation, the decor of the room, background music, lighting … You could recreate an atmosphere seen in a movie, a small French bistro, An Italian stall, an oriental tent … Everything is allowed!