Looking for a serious relationship!

Still, trying to wrap your brain around the idea that the age-old concept of courtship has given way to online dating, but is it reliable?

Come on!  Modern dating apps and services are successfully doing the job of bringing you closer to your love. Almost countless online dating services and apps are available now that providing opportunities of meeting someone in the simplest way.  But if you’re looking for one app or service that you can trust, friztty.com is the place to go.

Friztty.com is an emerging online dating service that finds a suitable match for you based on your location. They use personality tests to connect individuals who are like-minded and compatible.

This guide will walk you through the full online dating process step by step:

STEP 1: Choose the right site

Love is a deep-sea, and so is the cyber-sea of love that is difficult to traverse. To choose a perfect dating site for you, the first thing you should look for is the credibility of that website. Before joining up, go to the website and do some research. Look for a section titled “about us.” Is there a genuine person’s name or, at the very least, a phone number to call if you have questions?

Don’t forget to read the privacy statement.

STEP 2: Profile making

Of course, you want to present an appealing introduction and impressive image of yourself to others, but keep tight control on what personal information you put out there for all to see. For example, make a unique username that you haven’t used on any other accounts.

Avoid using any part of your real name or anything else that may be used to identify you, such as your birthdates or even your birth years. Your username can be readily searched, and anything associated with that username may be easily found. Set up a free email address with a unique name to use with your dating account. Check that the email address does not include any personal information about you.

Your picture speaks louder than your profile information. However, if you’re not cautious, the photographs you put on your profile might really include some information about you in the background.

STEP 3: How to communicate?

People usually put on internet personas that aren’t authentic to their real lives. You may have been conversing online with your new infatuation for a long, but they are still a stranger until you meet that person directly. Give anything that can be used to connect you to your identity online with caution. Initially, confine your interactions with possible sweethearts to the dating site itself. To safeguard your anonymity, if you and your new buddy decide to take the conversation to email, utilize the dedicated email account that you created for the online account.

When it comes time to make a phone call, be cautious and create a free Google Voice account, which will produce a different phone number and send it to your mobile phone.


Finally, when you decide to get together, take some more preventive measures. While everything appears to be going smoothly with your new infatuation, it is still necessary to proceed with care. Ensure your initial meeting is in a public area where other people can help if things go wrong.

The process of matching your information with another profile is so precise and planned that if you aren’t ready to settle down just yet, you might want to reconsider joining. Friztty.com will be a user-friendly dating site that will provide you with a lot higher chance of meeting your perfect love, but it demands sensibility and responsibility from your side.