Whether you work at home or in the office, the order of the place is essential for a smooth job. The organization of the space will affect how you work in your professional activity and avoid errors such as loss of information that will affect your productivity.

As entrepreneurs you always have to meet with a client or do some paperwork, so the time spent in the workplace is worth gold and cannot be wasted. You can hire office maintenance service for better cleaning and order.

Sorting the desk will make you feel better about yourself and your surroundings, helping to reduce the feeling of stress and maximize work well-being. That is why, if you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities or you are looking for a way to make your stressful moments more bearable, the solution can be found at your desk.

  1. Organized table, neat mind

Let’s start with the most basic, nobody likes to work in a dirty place full of documents, only brings more disorder to the tangle of thoughts and pending tasks that you deal with every day. Besides, who likes to go to the office of a professional and see how he has papers scattered all over the place? It is not the best presentation image, neither for the clients nor for your collaborators.

  1. Say goodbye to the disaster drawers

Having a multifunctional drawer, where to store everything that does not take place, may seem like a good idea, but it is not! In the long run, you will only move the clutter from your desk to a drawer.

Organize your space in such a way that you use each drawer for something specific, such as documents or specific objects. If it is a shelf or a community shelf, make sure to establish in a visible way what each space is used for and so everyone will contribute with the order.

  1. Everything in its place

The correct arrangement of the elements helps you make the most of your place of work, everything must have a harmony. Orient the table so that it has the best possible lighting, clear space to facilitate your mobility, ensure an open surface and eliminate barriers, such as separators Let that productive energy flow and inspire you to create.

  1. Technology is your friend

Many technological solutions can help you to give your office even more order. With a data manager on your computer you will save file cabinets and cabinets, with wireless equipment you will not trip over tangled cables, or you can share and work on documents through cloud storage services so they do not occupy physical space.

  1. The master notebook

Always have a notebook at hand or notebook to write down all your tasks and pending in order of priority, you can organize it with notes, highlights or colors, but always remember to go to it, so you will have a record of your activity when the memory fails. Avoid writing everything down on self-adhesive notes that you will stick to your desk, as this will create more unnecessary clutter.

  1. The virtual desktop also counts

‘What is on your computer’ is also part of your workspace. Keep the virtual desktop clean, create folders to organize absolutely everything, leave no loose files turning and delete data that is already obsolete or old, finally, if you are one of those who have trouble getting rid of files because everything can come to serve again , create a folder in which to leave all that.

Help yourself by placing an attractive wallpaper, that you like and motivate you to work or relax, open spaces are always welcome on your wallpaper.

  1. Trash to the dumpster

Have a dumpster to throw papers and waste, make sure it is very accessible so you can throw away the unnecessary immediately and do not accumulate in your post, creating visual pollution and stealing space.

  1. Take over your space

Decorate, paint, hang pictures, curtains or motivational messages, make yours your place, take it over until you feel comfortable with the results, the personal touch you add to a work space will transmit peace.

Personal objects such as drawings of your son or nephew, family photos and memories will make you work with joy and feel accompanied when you most need a smile.