You can hardly wait to finally feel your wedding rings on your finger? Before you finally go to the jeweler of your confidence, you should read these 7 tips to buy online women engagement rings.


  1. Selection

For first ring inspirations click through picture gallery and take a closer look at the jewelers’ showrooms in the real world. Then ask yourself which material is suitable for you. White gold? Platinum? Or stainless steel? You may have a penchant for yellow gold and your partner wears only white gold – then you should look for rings in which both colors occur.

  1. Set budget

Before you throw yourself into the fray, you should set yourself a price frame for your future wedding rings. Because the prices vary, depending on the material and workmanship, starting from about 200 euros, with no upper limit.

  1. Start early

Begin with the selection at the latest two months before the wedding so that there is enough time for the engraving. Do not choose the first rings you like, but look past several jewelers. After all, you wear these rings the rest of your life.

  1. Think Practically

When buying, remember that you will wear this ring daily. So choose a ring that fits your lifestyle. If you do a lot of sports or work a lot with your hands, a thin ring with a big diamond would not be wise, as you would often have to put it down, increasing the risk of loss. If you are allergic to certain metal alloys, you should invest in platinum, for example, because platinum triggers no allergies. If platinum is too expensive for you, look at 316L stainless steel rings.

  1. 20 years and more

If you are not afraid to select something out of the ordinary, keep in mind that your rings will please you in 20 years. You will surely change in this period, but not your rings.

  1. Quality

Pay attention to your wedding jewelry on the fact that the registered trademark of the manufacturer, as well as the carat are present. Stinginess is not cool, so steer clear of so-called bargains from the Far East, which are offered online. Precious metals have their prices and good craft as well.

  1. Store safely

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to lose a ring. Find yourself a place at home and always put the ring right there. For example, there is no suitable place near the bathtub or another drain. If the ring does not fall by itself, sooner or later the beloved pet or the offspring will help.