5 tips to teach statistics in a fun way

It is common for statistics classes to end up becoming moments full of numbers and data that only tire and bore the little ones. And yet, it is an interesting subject that can easily attract the attention and curiosity of your students. Do you want some ideas to do my statistics homework for me?


The first requirement, and essential, is that you are passionate about statistics, that you enjoy teaching it to your students, and that you know how to take the funniest side to analyzing data. After making sure of that, in order to transmit your love for the subject we already throw you a hand.

Take note of these tips!

  1. Take full advantage of the calculator:This tool can become your best partner in statistics classes, since it allows you to learn mathematics in an original and fun way. What do you think of trying some exercises to work two-dimensional or one- dimensional statistics? In addition, we recommend you take a look at some videos, where you will find different tips for performing basic statistical calculations.
  2. Statistics surround us:One of the biggest advantages of statistics is that it can be applied to the usual problems that take place in the educational center and in the lives of your students. Have you ever thought about explaining statistics using chocolates? Or make the daily press an educational resource to learn mathematics?
  3. Do you know Gapminder:This is a website that offers interesting free statistical resources to work in the classroom, to know the world and its history through the data. In addition, it is downloadable, which will allow you to use it without having access to the internet. Because, who said the data without boring?
  4. Experiment with probability:Playing with chance allows youngsters to practice various mathematical skills while having a great time. For this, we recommend that you take a look at this resource about random experiments.
  5. Working on projects:This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to teach statistics in class. With this methodology, students will learn the phases of a statistical investigation, from the approach of the problem and decide what data will be collected, to obtain them and the conclusions about the problem. Interesting, right?

If you are interested in the subject, you cannot miss these resources:

  • Casio News Magazine:A reference for finding the best educational resources with calculators. Didactic experiences, tutorials, examples, applications … everything you are looking for and more!
  • Roulette:It is a game of chance whose main element is roulette, which consists in turning it and determining, when it stops, which color the arrow points to. You dare?
  • LuisaMates Blog:Its author, Mª Luisa, collects in this interesting space several activities and proposals to work the probability in classes in a fun way. Take a turn and find out for yourself!

    If you need help, you can get online statistics homework help easily and instantly.