In an increasingly competitive and over-informed world, it is sometimes difficult to emerge. But improving the reputation of your company is an essential step to retain your customers, find new prospects and gain credibility. Discover our 5 tips for Brand Awareness Campaign.



The website is today the most important showcase of your company. Whatever your industry, your website should reflect your business. It must therefore incorporate a high degree of requirement and quality if you want to increase the reputation of your company:

  • The design of your site must be in tune with the image of your company
  • Its ergonomics must allow an effective customer journey
  • Its SEO must be optimized
  • Its content must be unique and integrate useful and up-to-date information

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Although “paper” communication has not yet disappeared, and it still has many virtues, the current trend is nevertheless towards digitization.

You must provide your customers with clear information about your products and services that is relevant, high value-added and in a format that is in line with their expectations. Your content must also be able to share and create commitments.

Your marketing and editorial strategy must be part of a global reflection. It must include the various modes of dissemination of your information and what goes with: style of your communication, adaptation of content, formats …



Social networks are now an integral part of any company’s means of communication. However, depending on the sector of activity, they are not used in the same way. Setting up a network takes time, especially if you want it to be good.

You will have to create your pages on social networks but even more define an editorial strategy to animate them. You will also need to identify influencers in your area of ​​activity; that is, identify the people whose advice is being listened to by your audience.


Advertising is still a good way to make you known and convey your brand image. Not all campaigns have an exorbitant cost. If you do not want to spend too much money, they require a good knowledge of the specific media for your business and especially a lot of creativity. Here again, the era of full-page campaigns is over. The media now offers many print and web formats that allow advertisers to be very creative and optimize their advertising campaigns.


Press relations are a must for the actions to be taken to develop the reputation of your company. Here again, the job has changed. Press relations today integrate as many relations with press print journalists as relations with web information sites. They do not always have journalists. You must have the ability to offer them unique content that will be published on their site.

Journalists are also very active on social networks, especially on Twitter. They thus integrate their new modes of information.

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