marketing secrets

When it comes to digital marketing or online business promotion, content marketing is always considered as King of the playing field. Though display advertising seems to be the fastest means of promoting a product or service online, the benefit of a well-planned content marketing campaign is still quite enormous.

The purpose is very clear; giving corporate branding an entirely new edge, using choicest words that can engage readers at the first glance in the bid to sell a product or promote business services.

Scouring through the pages of different weblogs, you would have read through the long list of strategies for leading a successful content marketing campaign and some of the benefits content marketing can offer to your brand.

The story is usually the same everywhere, but the result is however not always the same with every marketer as “the approach” remains a basic factor to consider while leading a content marketing campaign. It is for this same reason that I’ve decided to compile this short list of 5 Content marketing Secrets that will lead you to Victory

Speak your readers Mind

Before you pick your pen to write, conduct a market survey to know what your targeted audience is expecting to hear and wants to know. After that Chalk out your headlines and information in a way that relates to what your brand stands for and the audience you intend to market it to.

And remember as a golden rule of thumb, the tone of the content should always be a reflection of what the audience expects to hear, just like it is in any business that involves buying and selling first priority is always given to the customer, content marketing is no different.

Don’t try to be poetic, use formal language when writing for corporate prospects and casual or frank conversational tone for topics targeted towards younger readers.

Maintain your standpoint.

In the bid to writing a juicy content or an informative article, it’s imperative that you master the art of maintaining your tone and concept of writing. In fact, this is one of the main characteristics of content marketing.

No matter the genre of writing you do, maintaining the same tone and language throughout. It is the best way to keep your readers engaged or hooked to your content. Avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing this will turn off your reader. Maintain your standpoint; keep your content fresh and precise as much as you can.

One of the best angles to pitch your tent is to write from a reader perception

Don’t overstuff it

Sometimes we just want to say all there is to talk about in every piece of content we craft. But the shocking truth is; as we keep on beating about the bush or ranting on the same topic on and on just for inserting keywords or increasing word our count and our readers, on the other hand, tend to get bored and become uninterested in whatever we have to say.

So to keep them hooked on your site and asking for more, Try to convey your message in fewer words, make it sound complete in context. Keep your watch on its Conciseness and maintain clarity in the language and length of content.

This will always attract more traffic to your website or blog and makes it more appealing and user-friendly.

Attach videos clips from Youtube or Vimeo

Make it simple, as technology evolves new ways of learning are being introduced. Skills of yesterday are to pave ways for the skills of tomorrow and online videos are claimed to be “the future of content marketing”, as by 2017 they are predicted to account for over 69% of all consumer Internet traffic.

And becoming a key means for people all over the world to satisfy their need for information and entertainment, small businesses will be using more and more videos in their content marketing strategies. In fact, it is said that 64% of marketers expect videos to dominate their strategies in the near future.

Get them hooked-on via Social media and communities

Last but however not the least, it will be a fatal omission not to acknowledge the risen importance of social media in content marketing. Like it was mentioned previously, due to the rise of distributed content users have the tendency to access information through social media.

Social networks are already harnessing the potential of acquiring and securing a dedicated audience, creating numerous possibilities to access information more easily than on traditional websites. A good example can come from Facebook, which released Instant Articles at the beginning of 2016. This allows its users to immediately access information without leaving the social network.

While the articles published via Instant Articles app are not at all exclusive, the fact that the users would stay on Facebook and engage with content while remaining on the social network is fostering the sense of a Facebook community, as well as increasing time spent on Facebook’s site.

As a matter of fact, social communities have become so essential for content distribution, which is today one of the actual or main focus of any content marketing strategy.