4 Essential sections of customized wedding website

A wedding website is typically a given for couples who use all the technology available to make the process easier. However, not everyone is willing to make their wedding plans public for everyone to see.


An engaged couple might construct their customized wedding webpage. For the most part, it’s there to serve as a clearinghouse for details concerning your wedding and reception. Wedding websites often feature information about the date, venue, travel preparations, and even the dress code for your big day. Modern additions to these websites, such as monitoring RSVPs, are also useful backend tools for planning purposes.

Wedding website builder:

There is no need to search for a website designer or be face to face with codes for your wedding website when a wedding website builder is there to help you. Making a website using one of the free website builders is fast and straightforward, and many of them provide free layouts and trials.

Create a free and customized wedding website using Wedding Planning Assistant’s Website Tool. It is amazingly the best wedding website builder that modernizes your online wedding experience. Save-the-dates invites and a website is all included in this for couples.

You just have to explore all of the cool features available on the platform. Its guest list management and customizable RSVP forms are two of the most commonly used features.


The coordination of online and physical save-the-dates, invitations, and other communication techniques provides a level of comfort. Design options are restricted, like many wedding website builders. Users will only see a few simple layouts despite the wonderful artwork, colors, and movies that decorate the site.

4 Must have wedding website sections:

·         Select a website design:

Choose from custom designs that fit your wedding’s style. Make your selection of website design, keeping the personalities of both people in mind. There is a wide variety of wedding website templates to choose from at Wedding Planning Assistant. It’s possible to use a picture of your engagement ring or a favorite image as the background of your website if you want to make it personal.

·         Begin with basics:

You may feel that all of your wedding-day arrangements must be in place before you start designing a wedding website. Don’t worry! To create a wedding website, all you need is the date and location. Save-the-date pages are a terrific way to promote your forthcoming wedding and offer guests a sneak peek. You may also display a countdown to your wedding day, so your guests know how close they are.

·         Add more details & keep updating it:

As you finalize your wedding plans, utilize a wedding website builder to expand your site’s content. Start including flight information, hotel information, rental car information, directions to the venue, etc. Avoid ambiguity at all costs and ensure that your wedding website gets updated from time to time to keep guests aware of the preparations.

·         Must add FAQ section:

It’s all up to you, but creating a FAQ section with commonly asked questions and answers to prevent getting a million phone calls in the weeks leading up to the wedding is the best use of a wedding website. These might include queries about the wedding hashtag, parking, and more.