Wedding day comes and goes so quickly and leaves behind beautiful memories, everlasting relationships, and … so many regrets. Yes! Regrets

From sending out pretty invites to picking the right flowers for head crown brides, plan all the essentials for the big day – but may have overlooked the most important part of their wedding preparations.

“Capturing the right moments of your big day for your wedding album to preserve them forever.”

A Greenville wedding photographer and plenty others, never wants you to stay in this lifetime regret of forgetting to capture the most precious memories of your wedding celebrations

Here are 3 most common things brides forget about their big day photography:

1.     Invitation Suite:

Don’t forget to capture wedding pictures of all the paraphernalia and cards of your wedding invitations. Ask your photographer to clump these together and make a kind of collage shot to keep things looking great.

2.     Vendor meals:

Yes! Yes, you have already paid these vendors so much. According to the etiquette gurus providing a vendor, the meal is definitely the ‘correct’ thing to do. Offer meal to your wedding photographer sooner so that they don’t miss any exciting moment to capture. On the other hand, discuss this with your photographer and give them the option. They may like to join everyone for dinner or just prefer to sit somewhere else with pre-prepared sandwiches or wedding meals, so find out what works best for them.

3.     Designate a Photo Wrangler:

A photo wrangler is the backbone of your family picture on the big day.

It is really important to make sure that all family members are present for the upcoming family photo. Choose a personal attendant or a friend as a photo wrangler to chase a family member who may be in another room, bathroom, or runs off to cocktail hour.