10 mistakes you cannot make to look younger

For many women in their forties or fifties, making clothing choices becomes more and more difficult. We do not know how to dress and arrange … And the result is sometimes wrong: while we thought to look younger, the opposite is happening! Here are some of the missteps to avoid, so as not to appear even older than it really is.

Dress too tight

Our shapes change over time … Even if we do not gain weight, the clothes that highlighted us 10 or 15 years ago are not always appropriate, simply because they accentuate what should be hidden ( a small bead, a surplus of skin under the arms, etc.)

Dress too wide, too long

The opposite is also true … Some people choose, to hide small bodily defects they have trouble assuming, to wear clothes that have no shape. This error is as bad as the previous one. There is always a way to highlight pretty ankles, a beautiful neckline or a slim waist.

Wear clothes designed for young women

Beanies, mini-shorts or bare back dresses may be perfect … but they all look like someone who “tries too hard” to look younger than his or her age. Which does not mean that it is necessary to wear skirts that look like your grandmother’s curtains or orthopedic shoes! Everything is common sense: we can look sexy and in good shape without revealing 3/4 of our skin!

Choose unstructured clothes

At age 20 or 25, our body stood upright and closed without any outside help. So we could afford everything, even clothes without any form … But this is no longer true when you reach a certain age. We therefore opt for fitted jackets, pants or skirts with pliers, asymmetrical sweaters that are often flattering … In short, we play with textures and shapes!

Wear the same underwear as 20 years old

Our breasts sag, or even disappear with time. And what about our posterior … Long live the law of gravity! It is necessary to check regularly that our underwear is adapted to our silhouette, that they support us well, that they camouflage this small belly which has made its appearance without being invited. And that does not mean that you have to wear big cotton bloomers. There is alluring lingerie for all sizes, all shapes.

To dye in blonde

There are few hair styles that say “I want to look like a starlet” like totally dying blonde … Just because the Hollywood stars do it does not mean we have to copy them . On the other hand, nothing prevents you to play the discretion and to lighten your face by making wicks.

Wear dark colors

We know that black and other dark colors have the advantage of refining us … But the look “total” in black (or plum, sailor, etc.) will make you look like a widow. So you have to accessorize with color: jewels, a scarf, a jacket, etc.

Always wear short hair?

Where does this idea come from that women over 40 cannot have long hair? The important thing is to choose a cut that frames our face and makes us feel beautiful every day. If it’s short, fine, long or medium, what’s the problem? It is enough to maintain our hair so that they are healthy.

Makeup problems

Too much makeup, not enough makeup … In both cases, it can add a few unnecessary years. Avoid too bright colors, glitter, matte lipstick, dark eyebrows or thick foundation. But choosing the completely naked face is not always a good idea either. For the followers of the natural look, it is possible to make up very lightly, but so as to camouflage small wrinkles at the corner of the eyes or corners of the lips. Ask a beautician for advice!

To be too tanned

Many women like to be tanned, even though sunlight is known to be particularly harmful to skin aging (in addition to being able to cause other serious problems.) It is possible to tan lightly and naturally while protecting his face and body rays … but without exaggerating! Too much tanning (especially artificial, machine) inevitably ages your pace!